A Fellow of the Society of Architectural Illustration (FSAI) Chris's architectural photography, like
the architecture itself, is portrayed within a specific urban or environmental context. The synergy
created between the respective architectural elements and the ambient context in which they are
experienced, coupled with Chris's attention to composition, lighting, colour, and tone is what
animates his photography.

Based in Japan, over recent years his photographs have often been printed in full colour on the front
covers of
Kansai Time Out  (KTO) magazine, West Japan's widely read and popular English
magazine. They have also been seen on the cover of  
Viewpoint SAI periodical, and in the Sankei
(click KTO Gallery and Publ'd Photos).

An SAI Fellow, council member, and the SAI rep for the Japan area Chris coordinates activities with the SAI's counterparts in Japan and
Korea: the Japan Architectural Renderers' Association (JARA) and the Korean Architectural
Perspectivists Association (KAPA). See links below.

Chris offers and creates large Professional Photographic Albums with A4 size photographs of
architectural structures such as shops, educational establishments, schools, hotels, restaurants,
offices, castles, businesses, and commercial enterprises in Japan.  Prices are only 9,500 yen per
album page with an A4 high-resolution photograph. Album prices begin as low as 38,000 yen.
Click here to email Chris about album commissions or inquiries.

Click here to contact or order  high-resolution A4 size individual colour prints on professional glossy
photographic paper. These are available for 10,000 yen each  from Chris and are suitable for
non-resale purposes, or reproduction in magazines and other publications.

All reproduction rights of photographs by Chris Lock, including those in this website, are owned
solely by Chris Lock. Unauthorized reproduction and use of any prints is a violation of all applicable

Seasonal samples of Chris' work follow; click the galleries for more:

Spring Sakura, Osaka Castle

Summer, Himeji Castle

Autumn in Kyoto

Winter: Osaka World Trade Center (Cosmo Tower)

Chris also writes and publishes papers:
Among them is his free 45-page download pdf file on Chamber 1 Painting at www.wingmakers.com/downloads/chamber1paperhires.pdf and his 34-page online Adobe e-book WingMakers: An Interpretive Analysis --
Chamber Painting 6
. Available at www.wingmakers.com, click on this link for a preview, or to order:


Society of Architectural Illustration (SAI): http://www.sai.org.uk

Japan Architectural Renderers' Association (JARA): http://www.jara-net.com

Kansai Time Out  (KTO): http://www.kto.co.jp

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